About Us

One of our biggest service projects is vision screening. Please take a moment to watch this video
Some  of our services projects:
Feed the  hungry: Thanksgiving baskets distributed to our community
Celebrate with our Seniors: for the last 30 years we throw a party for the Seniors of Huntington
Give scholarships to local students
We purchase guide dogs for the visually impaired
Some of our fundraisers: All net proceeds go back to charities.
Pool tournament benefiting the children’s heart foundation
Barn sale
Night at the theater
Paint and Sip benefiting a shelter for abused women and children
History of Our Club

On September 25, 1953, twenty-five Huntington residents came together with one goal in mind: Community Service.

Today the Melville Lions Club strives to uphold that promise made years ago. One has only to look at some of our accomplishments to see that we have been, and will continue to be, a group of dedicated men and women, working together in fellowship and pride to better serve our community.

In 1985 we held our first Beauty Pageant, which spanned thirteen years and was one of our most profitable fundraisers, as was our Octoberfest. Now our major fundraiser is our Wine and Food Gala, which brought in thirty-one thousand dollars in profit, breaking all records.

Numerous guide dogs have been sponsored by our club, allowing sight-impaired people the companionship and guidance of a trusted canine friend. Eyeglasses have been collected and refurbished then sent to third world countries; and here, in the US, children in need of eye exams now see the world a little brighter. In 1988 the Lions Eye Bank of LI at North Shore University was dedicated and to date, our club is an active supporter, with three of our members serving on the board.

Three District Governors, a Council Chair, International Director and Past International President hail from The Melville Lions Club placing us in the top five clubs in the district to have the most District Governors from one group. We have several life members and Melvin Jones Fellows .

With the growing number of new members, who have jumped right in and offered their serves, there is no doubt that the Melville Lions Club is headed for bigger and better goals.






Presidents of the Melville Lions


John F. Yacino 1955-54   Neal M. Golub 1984-85
York M. Iguchi 1954-55   Albert Steinmueller 1985-86
John E. Hauser 1955-56   Dr. Steven J. Tremaroli 1986-87
James. J. Maloney 1956-57   Balan Nagraj 1987-88
Phillip J. Stroh 1957-58   Marco Gueli 1988-89
Charles F. Probeck Sr. 1958-59   Fred C. Danner 1989-90
Bruno Selmer Sr. 1959-60   Jeffrey J. Jerome 1990-91
Michael Dellapent 1960-61   Arthur Smallwood 1991-93
Rockwood M. Aiello 1961-62   Neal M. Golub 1993-94
Joseph O’brian 1962-63   Dr. Steven J. Tremaroli 1994-95
Joseph Mazzola 1963-64   Douglas Reda Esq 1995-96
Arthur Hickerson 1964-65   Dr. Scott Firestone 1996-97
Paul Mazzola 1965-66   Jeffrey J. Jerome 1997-98
Harry Hobart 1966-67   Dr. Steven J. Tremaroli 1998-99
Jack Lee 1967-68   Neal M. Golub PDG 1999-01
Anthony Oliveri 1968-69   Paul Rubinstein 2001-02
Dr. Arthur Fields 1969-70   Balan Nagraj 2002-03
Walter Cooper 1970-71   Dr. Maureen Murphy 2003-04
Gene Pinelli 1971-72   Rob Weber 2004-05
Bruno Selmer Jr. 1972-73   Barbara Klein 2005-06
Royal Thompson Jr. 1973-74   Neal M. Golub PDG 2006-07
Charles F. Probeck Jr. 1974-75   Steven J. Tremaroli PCC 2007-08
Richard Miller 1975-76   Brian Freier 2008-09
Ralph DeBonis 1976-77   Art Pushkin 2009-10
Howard Jung 1977-78   Marianne Tremaroli 2010-12
Richard C. Martin 1976-79   Patricia Freier 2012-14
Leopold Hedbavny Jr 1979-80   Art Pushkin 2014-16
Charles Kawalsky 1980-81    Gabrielle Gurrieri  2017
David Leaman 1981-82    
Richard  Hoffman Jr  1982-84


Past International President~ Albert Brandel

Past International Director~ Dr. Steven Tremaroli