How we serve

Here are some of the ways we serve:

Saving Sight

For nearly 100 years, Lions have worked on projects designed to prevent blindness, restore eyesight and improve eye care for hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Lions volunteer to take part in sight projects that have:

  • Saved the sight of more than 15 million children by providing eye screenings, glasses and other treatments through Sight for Kids.
  • Established or strengthened pediatric eye care centers that have helped more than 120 million children.
  • Helped halt the spread of trachoma in Ethiopia by providing 10 million doses of the sight-saving drug azithromycin annually.
  • Prevented serious vision loss for more than 30 million people worldwide.
  • Improved eye care for 100 million people by training more than 650,000 eye care professionals and building 315 eye hospitals.
  • Distributed more than 147 million treatments for river blindness.
  • Provided nearly 8 million cataract surgeries.
  • Vaccinated 41 million children in Africa against measles – a leading cause of childhood blindness.

Since 1990, Lions have raised US$415 million through two SightFirst fundraising campaigns to help provide vision for all.

Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) and Special Olympics have established a special partnership to provide free vision screenings at Special Olympics sporting events worldwide. Since the partnership began, the Opening Eyes program has screened more than 300,000 athletes and provided prescription eyewear to nearly 100,000 athletes.



Lions work with the National Diabetes Education Program to promote diabetes awareness. NDEP is a leading public education program that promotes diabetes prevention and control in the USA. NDEP also provides diabetes resources and publications.

We also commemorate World Diabetes Day, an annual campaign led by the International Diabetes Federation. Lions often facilitate diabetes community awareness events on this day.


Lions ALSO:

  1. Relieve hunger by having food drives and distributing food baskets.
  2. Protect our Environment by planting trees.
  3. Engage our youth by Lions Quest, our reading action program and peace poster contest.


 Serving the world for almost 100 Years 

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